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Beercade 2

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Little Bohemia | Omaha, NE

About Us

Beercade 2 opened in 2019 in the Little Bohemia neighborhood on south 13th St in Omaha, Nebraska. Our second location offers a spacious gathering place to unwind, play some games, and enjoy a drink. We have 30 rotating craft beers on tap, and a full bar. We do not serve food, but welcome you to bring your own. We do not allow outside drinks.

We are 21+

We do allow children accompanyied by an adult until 7 pm everyday. Beercade 2 is an adult environment and should be considered before bringing children.


All of our games operate on quarters, and we have change machines to keep you supplied. Most arcade games are only 25¢. Skee-ball, racers and most pinballs are 50¢.


Monday 2 pm - 2 am.
Tuesday 2 pm - 2 am.
Wednesday 2 pm - 2 am.
Thursday 2 pm - 2 am.
Friday 2 pm - 2 am.
Saturday 12 pm - 2 am.
Sunday 12 pm - 2 am.

Pinball Love

We maintain our pinball machines daily. We pride ourselves on having a working lineup of the best solid state games in the state.

Current Game Lineup


Updated on April 02 2024
1) After Burner
2) Alien VS Predator
3) Area 51
4) Asteroids
5) Battle Shark
6) Battle Zone
7) Centipede
8) Crazy Taxi
9) Cruisin' Exotica (x2)
10) Eyes
11) Frogger
12) Galaga
13) Golden Axe
14) House of the Gundead, Enter the Gungeon
15) Ice Cold Beer
16) Killer Queen
17) Mario Kart GP (x2)
18) Maximum Force
19) Mortal Kombat 3
20) Mortal Kombat 4
21) Mr Do
22) Ms. Pac Man
23) NASCAR (x2)
24) NBA Jam
25) NFL Blitz
26) Neo Geo (Bust-A-Move)
27) Neo Geo 2 slot (updated weekly)
28) Nidhogg II
29) Pac Man Battle Royale
30) Photo Booth
31) Pirates Chest Claw Machine
32) Silent Scope Dark Silhouette
33) Skeeball - Ice Ball FX (x3)
34) Smash TV
35) Space Invaders
36) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
37) Switch 'N' Shoot
38) Tekken 4
39) Terminator Salvation
40) Tetris


Updated on April 02 2024
1) Attack from Mars
2) Avengers - Infinity Quest (Pro)
3) Big Buck Hunter Pro
4) Cactus Canyon
5) Cirqus Voltaire
6) Gun's n Roses (LE)
7) James Bond (Pro)
8) Junk Yard
9) Scared Stiff
10) Stranger Things (Pro)
11) The Addams Family
12) Toy Story 4 (LE)
13) Transformers (Pro)

Now Pouring


Guinness Draught

Dry Irish Stout 4.2%

Dublin, IE

Black Stack/WeldWerks

Wedding Season

Imperial IPA - Hops (Cascade, Phantasm, El Dorado) 8.0%

Saint Paul, MN


Ewald the Golden

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen 5.2%

Minneapolis, MN


Bohemsky Lager

Amber Lager 5.4%

Ord, NE

Half Brothers

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows

Sour w/ Lemonade, Blueberries, & Lactose 5.0%

Grand Forks, ND

Toppling Goliath

Pseudo Sue

Hazy Pale Ale - Hops (Citra) 5.8%

Decorah, IA

Keg Creek

Brick Red Ale

Irish Red Ale 5.7%

Glenwood, IA

Obscurity Brewing

Good Kiss

Mid-West IPA 6.1%

Elburn, IL


Somos Extremos

Golden Ale Coffee 6.3%

Somerset, WI

Fat Orange Cat

Baby Kittens

Hazy IPA - soft, cuddly 6.5%

East Hampton, CT


Bumble Bear

Honey Brown Ale - Hops (Willamette) 5.8%

Milwaukee, WI


Unfiltered Wheat

Wheat Ale 4.4%

Kansas City, MO

Golden Road

Mango Cart

Wheat Ale w/ Mango 4.0%

Los Angeles, CA


Anytime Lemonade Shandy

Lemonade Shandy 5.0%

Bend, OR

Fishback & Stephenson

Jay & Silent Bob's Cherry Kush

Cider 4.2%

Fairfield, IA


Snozzberry Sour Ale

Sour 5.0%

Broken Bow, NE


Tip the Cow

Milk Espresso Stout 6.2%

Waterloo, IA


Ellie's Brown

Brown Ale 5.5%

Boulder, CO



English Style IPA 8.0%

Lincoln, Nebraska


Green Label IPA

IPA 6.5%

Lincoln, NE


Tank 7

Saison 8.5%

Kansas City, MO


KBS Chocolate Espresso

Bourbon BA Imperial Stout w/ Chocolate & Coffee 12.0%

Grand Rapids, MI


Solid Gold

American Premium Lager 4.4%

Grand Rapids, MI

Prairie Artisan Ales

"Merica Y'all

Hazy IPA - Hops (Nelson Sauvin) 6.0%

McAlester, OK

Bur Oak


Cream Ale w/ Orange & Raspberry 4.8%

Columbia, MO


Cherry Blossom & Lime

Hard Seltzer 4.0%


Cool Summer

Sour w/Cucumber & Hibiscus 5.0%

Boulder, CO


Wonder Twins

Double IPA - Hops (Mosaic & Citra) 7.6%

Ord, NE


2024 Schedule

Pinball tournaments are hosted @ 1 pm every 2nd Sunday at Beercade, and every 4th Sunday at Beercade 2. All tournaments are $10 entry and sanctioned by the IFPA. Prize pool is payed to the top 30% of competitors.

* schedule subject to change

MonthBeercadeBeercade 2
FebruaryPin-BowlingFlipper Frenzy
AprilFlipper FrenzyTarget Match Play
JuneTarget Match PlayFlipper Frenzy
AugustFlipper FrenzyTarget Match Play
OctoberTarget Match PlayFlipper Frenzy
DecemberFlipper FrenzyChristmas

Strike Out

Players play head to head in groups of 3 or 4. The bottom 2 scores recieve a strike. After each round, players are reassigned into groups where everyone has a smililar amount of stirkes. Once a player has recieved 3 strikes they are eliminated. In this format extra balls are always turned off.


Each pinball machine has a target score to reach. If you reach the posted score on ball one, you score a 1. If you reach the score on ball two, you score a 2 etc. If you do not reach the score you recieve a 4. The lowest score wins the tournament. In this format extra balls are USUALLY on, however depending on the number of players, they MAY be turned off for time constraints. This format requires a shoot out of at least 10% of the field.


Each pinball machine has a target score to reach. You play all of your balls until you reach the target score. Scores are broken down to score 1 - 10. Example: 1 million is a score of 10, and you finish ball 3 with a score of 550,890. You would score a 5 on that machine. In this format extra balls are USUALLY on, however depending on the number of players, they MAY be turned off for time constraints. This format requires a shoot out of at least 10% of the field.

Flipper Frenzy

This is a timed format, usually 2 and a half hours long (this depends of the number of players). The idea of this format is to win the most amount of games as fast as possible. Each player is randomly paired against another in 2 player matches. Each player will play 2 matches in a row, then be put in the back of the queue. Rankings are based on win/loses with number of wins breaking any ties. Example: P1 has 8 wins and 3 loses, P2 has 7 wins and 2 loses, P1 is ranked higher. In this format extra balls are ALWAYS turned off, and often machines are modified to quicken game times, such as but not limited to turning off top flippers, removing or reducing ball save times, removing posts etc.

Match Play

In round one, players are randomly paired into groups of 3 or 4. 4 player groups score 7,5,3,1 and in 3 player groups players score 7,4,1. The highest scores win the tournament. This format is generally 7 rounds, but may change to accomodate for time constraints. In this format extra balls are ALWAYS turned off.

Target Match Play

The goal is to reach 28 points using IFPA scoring (7,5,3,1). Random seeding and swiss pairing will be used. The tournament will conclude after 50% have reached 28 points. Tie’s are allowed unless it’s in the top 4. In the case of a tie in the top 4, the current top IFPA seed will pick a game or position. In this format extra balls are ALWAYS off.

Questions? Check the FAQ