Pinball Tournaments

We host a pinball tournament every 4th Sunday at 1pm. Come in and ask for details.

Updated September 14 2022

2022 Schedule *

Pinball tournaments are hosted @ 1 pm every 2nd Sunday at Beercade, and every 4th Sunday at Beercade 2.

* schedule subject to change

SO = Strike Out PG = Pin-GolfPB = Pin-BowlingFF = Flipper FrenzyMP = Match Play
MonthBeercadeBeercade 2

Strike Out

Players play head to head in groups of 3 or 4. The bottom 2 scores recieve a strike. After each round, players are reassigned into groups where everyone has a smililar amount of stirkes. Once a player has recieved 3 strikes they are eliminated. In this format extra balls are always turned off.


Each pinball machine has a target score to reach. If you reach the posted score on ball one, you score a 1. If you reach the score on ball two, you score a 2 etc. If you do not reach the score you recieve a 4. The lowest score wins the tournament. In this format extra balls are USUALLY on, however depending on the number of players, they MAY be turned off for time constraints. This format requires a shoot out of at least 10% of the field.


Each pinball machine has a target score to reach. You play all of your balls until you reach the target score. Scores are broken down to score 1 - 10. Example: 1 million is a score of 10, and you finish ball 3 with a score of 550,890. You would score a 5 on that machine. In this format extra balls are USUALLY on, however depending on the number of players, they MAY be turned off for time constraints. This format requires a shoot out of at least 10% of the field.

Flipper Frenzy

This is a timed format, usually 2 and a half hours long (this depends of the number of players). The idea of this format is to win the most amount of games as fast as possible. Each player is randomly paired against another in 2 player matches. Each player will play 2 matches in a row, then be put in the back of the queue. Rankings are based on win/loses with number of wins breaking any ties. Example: P1 has 8 wins and 3 loses, P2 has 7 wins and 2 loses, P1 is ranked higher. In this format extra balls are ALWAYS turned off, and often machines are modified to quicken game times, such as but not limited to turning off top flippers, removing or reducing ball save times, removing posts etc.

Match Play

In round one, players are randomly paired into groups of 3 or 4. 4 player groups score 7,5,3,1 and in 3 player groups players score 7,4,1. The highest scores win the tournament. This format is generally 7 rounds, but may change to accomodate for time constraints. In this format extra balls are ALWAYS turned off.

Past Results

2021 Pinball Rankings

Matchplay Results
 NameScore+/-Tournaments Played
1Matt Niksick39.88+0.2119
2Tiler Hall39.7-0.2820
3Kara Galle30.75+0.3522
4Justin Babb29.3+0.3119
5Steve Chilese29.05+1.5218
6Victor Garcia28.77+0.2923
7Josh Weatherly28.3+1.0320
8Brock Otto27.69+0.3320
9Tim Kasl27.44-0.2517
10Ash Preheim26.13-0.2313
11James Shearer25.21-0.2311
12Sara Paczosa25.06+0.4521
13Matt Payne24.57+0.2520
14Ray Meisinger24.27+0.3315
15Alex Wilson23.88+0.6112
16Elliot Wilson21.97+5.2111
17Levi Montoya19.15+1.299
18Greg Cuff18.68+0.613
19Tanner Ashland17.25-0.198
20Carley Griffiths16.44+2.5613
21Danni Ascension16.21+0.7313
22Geoff Davis15.76+0.818
23Jen Skibbe15.71+0.6112
24Lindsay Wiley14.02-0.189
25Shonda Jenkins13.29+1.289
26Andy Matz13.16-0.177
27Laura Manley12.77-0.168
28Cody Siers12.6+0.968
29Derek LeVasseur11.66-0.166
30Grace Harsha11.32-0.167
31Jake Niksick11.17-0.171
32Jeff Anderson10.55-0.175
33Todd Bowder10.43-0.166
34Travis Thomas10.07+1.54
35Tyler Zimmerman9.74+2.194
36Philip Vanlaningham8.42-0.157
37Dreizan Moore8.29-0.156
38Rachel Campbell7.91-0.155
39Gabriel Sjoberg7.8+1.462
40Rick Siders7.7-0.146
41Ciara Kerckhove6.5-0.115
42Ben Kimball5.81-0.115
43Steve Meyer5.56-0.141
44Tim Zimmerman5.26+1.434
45Pete Sakaris5.21-0.115
46Rich Wahl5.08-0.134
47Natalie Matz4.89-0.13
48Steffen Albright4.52-0.093
49Johnny Garcia4.25-0.124
50Mason Bradley3.1-0.093
51Heidi Wullschleger2.89-0.082
52Ben Johnson2.52-0.071
53Vince Harwan2.48-0.073
54Alli Pike1.77-0.07-
55Josh Luce1.55-0.061
56TJ Griggs1.3-0.062
57Khalid Alhooty0.95-0.052
58Kendall Jackson0.86-0.052
59Korbin McVay0.65-0.05-
60Brian Stanzel0.62-0.05-
61Alex Kasun0.58-0.041
62Jeremy Larsen0.46-0.041
63Dan Murphy0.34+0.341
64Mark Thimijan0.34-0.04-
65Alexander Franzen0.31-0.031
66Heath Preheim0.27-0.031
67Jonathan Gragg0.08-0.021
68Kevin Hilty0.06-0.02-
69Amber Larsen001
70Andrew Simmer001
71Benny Kimball001
72Chance Muzzarelli001
73Courtney LaVasseur001
74Daniel Lerew001
75Janelle Depuydt001
76Justin Peterson001
77Lacey Bray001
78Lauren Pluguez001
79Marc Windom001
80Ron Suverkrubbe001
81Samantha Etheridge001
82Samantha Williams001
83Bob Shaw00-
84Brock Mallmann00-
85Crystal Buhrmann00-
86Dennis Lawrence00-
87Gaby Van Den Elzen00-
88Garrison Garza00-
89Gary Buchanan00-
90Greg Meyer00-
91Jeff Hundt00-
92Jesse Lawrence00-
93Jonathan Neswick00-
94Jordan Otto00-
95Judi Neswick00-
96Mitchell Baker00-
97Rebecca Mallmann00-
98Rebecca Vonbehren00-
99Shane Yozzo0-0.01-